Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soul Food

Upon graduating from high school I had this wild idea to become a youth pastor. Throughout the up and coming years of my adolescent youth, I could remember those captivating speakers that challenged something far deeper than my superficial need for acceptance. Through their testimonies of belief, sacrifice, and forgiveness they had found an eternal peace that ultimately lead them to place of validated purpose. To an impressionable youth, the world seemed an endless array of opportunity each glistening with idealistic possibilities of wealth and success. Yet, tucked away beneath the humble words of my pastor I found a richness and fulfillment no other occupation seemed to reflect.
As I began to map out the next steps of my endeavor, I quickly came to realize how imposing a conversation on faith and spirituality could potentially be to a complete stranger. I needed a vehicle through which I could penetrate the spirit, yet appease the mortal vessel before me. In this vortex of fueled ambitions, I thought about the comfort of food and how it nourishes our physical bodies. That's it I thought!! I'll go to Culinary school, this way not only could I provide physical sustenance, but spiritual nutriment as well! It was a winning combination!

Follow me through my thought process,
whenever, we come upon an enticing meal, in order to fully enjoy this wonderful experience we must let our guards down. Once open to this culinary exploration, our senses are overcome by the array of simulations placed before us. While each morsel is thoroughly enjoyed, our bodies needs are replenished. In addition to this physical revitalization,

I have chosen to include the topic of faith.

Just as the meal you've recently enjoyed provided everything you needed to meet the physical demands of the day, along with daily requirements necessitated by your body. Our spirits are very much the same. How incredible it could be nourish both our physical and spiritual selves. How fulfilling our lives would be if we tended to the unseen aspects of ourselves as much as we do the obvious.

Next time you sit down to a meal ask yourself, does this effort to sustain my body match my efforts to sustain my soul??

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Friend In Food.

After a rough, somewhat skeptical introduction I feel ready and willing to forge forward with the concept of this blog. After a great deal of time pondering the numerous aspects of food and health, I've chosen to emphasize the importance of realizing the spiritual relationship we posses with food as a way to draw closer to the inner spirit, the energy of the food, and the Great Provider from which this wondrous bounty is blessed to us.

For starters, let us begin with a note on prayer. Through this timeless ritual, countless individuals have chosen before dining, to express their gratitude and appreciation for the meal before them. In this humble moment of reflection, a realization is made

We are blessed to have such nourishment before us.

Remarkably in this admission we open our spirit to the many blessings of food. Begin by allowing your senses to explore the enticing smells, incredible colors, and rich textures before you, as you take in this gift. Then as you close your eyes, rejoice in the experience you've just had, while remembering its only about to get better.

In health and wellness,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kindling a self-perpetuating blaze.

As another stroke of this virtual pen bleeds upon the unbounded realms of collective minds. I've come to realize throughout this venture in order to challenge and intrigue my audience, there will inevitably be an opposing thought, convention, opinion, blog, skeptic to argue the contrary. Ultimately, leaving the impressionable thinker in more of a dilemma than they had previously anticipated. In lieu of such pitfalls, out of appreciation and respect for you, the reader. Allow me to simply illustrate the advantage of being challenged as such. As it is my hope, in your personal endeavors to have a firmer grasp on the latest opinions on food and health. You may inevitably experience a sense of overwhelming confusion with the seemingly infinite variances of opinions on the matter.

Alas, do not tarry with such contrivances friend!!

Feel liberated, and validated in whatever you so choose to do from that point on. For in your laborious pursuit of knowledge, you've demonstrated to yourself, first and foremost, your dedication to take your own education seriously and responsibly.
It is only during such instances, we may truly appreciate what we've come to know and understand about the world we live.


Monday, April 12, 2010

And so it begins...

As if the physical word and all its universal quagmire wasn't enough to preoccupy/entertain any neophyte epicurian. By academic mandate, I've been summoned to explore and share the didactic delectable delights of food and health with you, my invisible virtual audience. I suppose some comfort may be found in the feeble possibility of there actually being a vested interest from you, otherwise, I presume this endeavor will at best, be an on-going conversation with myself on a virtual stage. My only request is, should you incidentally find yourself within these virtual walls, drop me a line from time to time. It can get awfully lonely in here.

Until my next titillating evolution...