Thursday, June 17, 2010

Canlis for the win!!!

To commemorate the day's toil, I invited a fellow food snob to explore the birth site of Pacific Northwest cuisine. Canlis, has been a Seattle landmark since the 1950s, family owned and operated, Canlis chefs have allowed the local taste and flavors to truly speak for themselves. One must ask themselves, resting on one of the most picturesque views of the sound, heavenly live piano music, and supreme aesthetic appeal, is it truly hard to disappoint? Certainly, simply put. But there is no disappointing here. Everything from the wait in the lounge, to the dinner table overlooking Seattle, was a salute to those of us striving and straining to live life to the fullest. Our meal was as follow:
Appetizer: Peter Canlis Prawns
Entree:Muscovy Duck (for two)

Outcome: Definitely recommend!! Would go back as soon as I pay off the bill in 3 months (-:

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